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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Director of Finance -Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

Job Title: Director of Finance

Main Duties:

• Ensure that the funds, equipment and resources of the allocated areas of responsibility are employed in the most effective manner.
• Ensure all capital purchases / disposals are in accordance with policies and procedures and to review all management and depreciation reports.
• Manage the annual revenue and capital budget process and review actual revenue/costs with operational management to ensure they are within budget guidelines.
• Manage the duties and responsibilities of the accounting managers to ensure all job functions performed by all Finance colleagues are done so effectively and in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
• Supervise the Finance Manager and/or Assistant Finance Manager in the preparation and completion of all monthly financial reporting and analysis.
• Demonstrate commitment to the development and implementation of the QMS system and continual improvement of it’s effectiveness by:
• Communicating to colleagues the importance of meeting customer as well as regulatory & statutory needs.
• Ensuring measurable quality objectives are established and actively participate in the review of these objectives Ensuring the availability of resources.
• Ensure customer requirements are determined & met.
• Actively promote an awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
• Ensure that responsibilities and authorities are defined and communicated within the organization.
• Ensure appropriate communication processes are established.
• Determine the necessary competence for colleagues and provide training or other actions to satisfy these needs.
• Ensure that colleagues are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the department objectives.
• Maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience.
• Provide constant coaching, counselling and discipline to colleagues to ensure their capability to meet the needs of the customer and the organization.
• Ensure manning and competence level of selected colleagues is sufficient for the department to meet the needs of the organization and customer.


• Report to the Corporate Office any financial malpractice.
• Ensure that the company complies with all Government and Municipality laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of the hotel.
• Manage the preparation and presentation of the annual financial statements to the auditors.
• Produce monthly and weekly forecasts of revenue and costs in liaison with operational management.
• Manage the hiring, training and appraisal of accounting colleagues as part of the effort to build an efficient team and to take an active interest in their individual development and welfare.


• Develop & Monitor Financial Procedures & Systems:
• Communicate the importance of financial objectives, management controls and systems to all colleagues.
• Develop procedures and systems to meet relevant statutory and internal control requirements.
• Develop practical procedures and systems for monitoring income and ensuring payment of accounts.
• Research and integrate the use of current industry practices and technology into systems as appropriate.
• Check compliance with procedures and systems on a regular basis.
• Monitor the flow of financial information within the organisation in terms of currency, accuracy, level of detail and relevance.
• Review financial management systems regularly and make adjustments made
• Monitor Financial Performance:
• Monitor budgets against performance targets on a regular basis.
• Negotiate corrective budgets as appropriate to maximise business performance.
• Take remedial action to address financial performance problems where appropriate.
• Prepare and interpret profit and loss statements accurately with appropriate level of detail.
• Conduct financial ratio analysis correctly and apply the information to financial management and reporting as appropriate.
• Communicate feedback on positive and negative performance to appropriate colleagues in an appropriate manner.
• Prepare Financial Reports.
• Prepare accurate, concise, relevant and sufficiently detailed financial reports to schedule in a format appropriate to the audience and in accordance with JI & MJ requirements.
• Identify the need for and access specialist advice on reporting requirements where appropriate


•  Degree in Finance & Accounting



• Demonstrated  knowledge of Finance & Accounting administration processes
• Experience in Finance within hospitality or customer service related industry
• Minimum 3 years as Director of Finance in a large, international organization


• Previous experience wit international hotel brand



• Fluent in verbal, written and business English
• Proficient in all Microsoft applications


• Knowledge of Opera, Micros,POS and procurement systems
• Azeri, Russian or Turkish language an advantage but not mandatory

Interested candidates may apply through the below link:


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