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• Preparation of operational budget, profit and cost estimation for the project;
• Responsible to control and monitor project total expenditure including verifying and checking of invoices and claims from suppliers, vendors and subcontractors;
• Provide cost controlling support for all projects which includes variation reporting, monitoring of milestone progress to the preparation of customer billing process, etc.;
• Perform technical and commercial review of subcontractor’s quotations for the preparation of Service agreement;
• Coordinate and work with the project management team to resolve project issues to ensure the delivery/completion of the project work;
• Attend project meetings and discussions with the PMT and external clients;
• Preparation of Internal Payment Statements for the clients. Calculation of total amount and cost estimation of extra works, evaluation and reconciliation of client’s interim payment certificate.


• 3+ years’ Experience;
• Proven ability to take initiative and execute on plans;
• Strong communication skills;
• Ability to operate independently, time management and multi task;
• High energy, enthusiasm and a drive to succeed;
• Functional literacy and capability of recognizing part numbers and line codes to ensure the proper selection of parts.



• Planning and organizing production schedules;
• Assessing project and resource requirements;
• Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with client and managers;
• Ensuring that Health and Safety regulations are met;
• Determining quality control standards;
• Overseeing production processes;
• Re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary;
• Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials;
• Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment;
• Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff;
• Supervising the work of junior staff;
• Organizing relevant training sessions.


• Confidence;
• Technical skills;
• Project management skills;
• Organization and efficiency;
• Leadership and interpersonal skills;
• Problem solving skills;
• IT and numerical skills;
• Communication skills;
• Team working skills;



• Production plan achievement rate (On-time delivery);
• Production cost (Depreciation, Indirect material, Power);
• To lead assistant engineer on production control work;
• To coordinate with Procurement department for materials problem/delivery solving;
• To coordinate with Quality assurance department for a product quality issue;
• To plan daily production schedule and introduce of new products. (primary mass production);
• To monitor production progress and to coordinate with related department for problem solving;
• To analyze cycle count results and find ways to reduce inventory difference monthly;
• To plan improvement activity for productivity, quality level and reduce of production cost.


• 3+ years of experience in establishing and managing of production planning and inventory control
• To have knowledge of the production planning and inventory control
• To have knowledge of traceability of products and materials
• Anticipate client needs and react to them before they are raised
• Strong change leadership skills, customer focus
• Ability to work with domestic and international teams
• Strong verbal, written, analytical and interpersonal skills
• Ability to respond to inquiries from regulatory agencies, business community and employee

Please, send your CV/Resume to [email protected] or [email protected] with vacancy name in subject.

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