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SME Non – Credit product Specialist – PASHA Bank

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“PASHA Bank” OJSC is seeking a SME Non – Credit product Specialist.


Acting as non – credit products leader. Responsible for developing and managing non-credit products such as payments, cash operations, business cards, acquiring, salary projects, etc. and related business processes and functions. Keeping up to date bank propositions on mentioned products and services, seeking options on value proposition improvement. Understanding of current market conditions and prospectives in order to have valued by customers products and services. Exploring clients’ segments in order to design bundled offerings. Close interaction with Sales team and other stakeholders which affect non – credit products and related business processes. Actively participating and driving digitalization of non – credit banking services.


• Managing non-credit products features and conditions, ongoing updating in order to have relevant propositions to customers. Elaboration pricing approaches.
• Communication with sales team and branch network to convey product related updates ensuring the timely update of product characteristics, terms and conditions.
• Organization of product related presentations to segments and branch network, development of training materials, brochures, instructions, etc. related to new products
• Regular monitoring of standard product deficiencies and driving solving of problems.
• Close interaction with sales team, marketing and other stakeholders in order to have highly – valued by clients product portfolio, well run and smooth related to product business processes. Exploring digital ways of clients’ onboarding and servicing.
• Defining and managing non – credit products and related processes functional card (role – functions – timing)
• Responsible for PR & Promotion of product. Attend industry functions, such as association events and conferences, and provide feedback and information on market and sector trends.
• Close interaction with corporate non – credit products team regarding all product issues and best practices.
• Development of subject matter knowledge.


• Bachelor Degree in Finance, Economics, Banking or relevant field.
• High level of analytical and communication/negotiation skills.
• Able to provide highly professional customer service.
• Experience in business banking non – credit products (sales, product management).
• Fluency in Azerbaijani is a must.
• Good in English and/or Russian.


interested candidates are required to submit:

CV to [email protected];
Put “SME Non – Credit product Specialist” in the subject line;
CVs should be sent by the 02 April, 2018.

Attention: The candidates will go through initial CV screening review. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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