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Cost Controller – Socar Cape

Cost Controller – Socar Cape

Dept/Area: Commercial Department

Location: Azerbaijan / Caspian Region
Job Title: Cost Controller
Reports To (position): Cost Control Manager

Key Relationships: Operations and Finance

Primary Job Purpose: write a statement explaining the job’s overall purpose, in doing so, try to answer the question “why does the job exist?”

Administration of all commercial aspects and issues with Clients

Job Dimensions: Set out relevant facts and figures relating to the job (if relevant)

Key Accountabilities:a few short sentences to define the key “delivery” elements of the job and the results it is expected to achieve. These are timeless i.e. they do not change unless the job changes significantly.

Key Responsibilities: short single statements describing main tasks of role

• Monitor and track the projects budget, forecast and actual costs
• Verifications of Project MR’s and PR’s against CTR and PO
• Assist with Stock Optimization
• Improve Quality of Estimations
• Assist with ERP System Implementation
• Review CTR/CVR report and deal with follow up actions
• Work in conjunction with all department to ensure maximum profitability
• Review purchase requisitions to ensure correct products/services were received at the expected cost
• Identify improvements and cost savings initiatives, and assist in driving implementation of new or changed processes and methods that can improve efficiency, accountability and visibility
• Review expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions
• Develop and implement solutions and cost-cutting measures

Other features of job (shift, travel, working conditions if applicable)

– Minimum 3 years of experience in similar role.

E-mail: [email protected]

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