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Cümə, Dekabr 3, 2021

Data scientist (Machine Learning Expert) – Ferrum Capital

Data scientist (Machine Learning Expert) – Ferrum Capital

Data scientist (Machine Learning Expert)

We are looking for sharp Data scientist (Machine Learning Expert) who have good skills in research and development on text and data processing.

Ferrum Capital was established in 2017 as the first independent factoring company in the Republic of Azerbaijan and a member of the AGA Group family of companies to provide factoring and other financial services to local and foreign companies.

The mission of Ferrum Capital is to be one of the leading companies that candidates who want to start their first work experience with us and develop themselves by gaining career advancement.
We would like to inform you that a large part of the Ferrum Capital team is made up of talented young people, and we are looking for new talents to increase the number of such young people. By joining our team, young people will get opportunity to be successful and grow with us.

Who can apply?

• Persons with work experience in related field

What features are we looking for in a candidate?

• Knowledge and experience of the Python Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Scipy, StatsModels, sci-kit learn, Seaborn, and Matplotlib
• Strong understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms
• Knowledge and experience of deep learning and deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, and Pytorch
• Understanding the model build life-cycle, including feature selection and Optimization, model selection and validation, and ongoing model maintenance
• Experience with SQL, relational databases, and data warehouse
• Experience with Big Data platforms
• Experience in leading Junior Data Scientists on approach and results
• Knowledge and experience in image processing and NLP are a plus

What does Machine Learning Expert do?

• Create and develop predictive models using AI/ML technologies and algorithms, installing/monitoring the production performance of models
• Documentation and presentation results of researches
• Developing machine learning and deep learning algorithms
• Train, finetune, and create deep learning modules
• Work as a tech lead and define the road-map for yourself and co-workers
• Data feature engineering to collect and structure to enhance modeling/analytical framework

Please send your resume to [email protected] with position title Data scientist (ML) in the subject line.

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