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Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Manager

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Manager

Baku Consulting Group-2011 LLC

  • Provide health and safety measures in a working environment
  • Support staff with the identification of environmental aspects and determining the project objectives and target
  • Identify and evaluate the unsafe environment and practices
  • Develop hazard control processes, methods and programs
  • Recommend solutions to issues that need improvement
  • Advise several ways of controlling potential threats
  • Monitor implementation of safety plans according to plans and objectives
  • Monitor and track safety systems by using computer systems and spreadsheets
  • Maintain and manage equipment and processes related to each project of health and safety
  • Suggest several preventive methods and practices like recycling, waste disposal, pollution control, etc.
  • Collaborate with other levels of engineering staff, quality assurance, quality improvement, regulatory compliance specialists, etc.
  • Measure and audit the effectiveness of hazard control programs
  • Prepare future safety plans based on past experiences and facts


  • Degree in Engineering
  • 5 years total minimum experience
  • Must have successfully completed two or more certified HSE course(s) in Construction Safety
  • Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and visitors
  • Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Excellent organization and time-management
  • PC software proficiency
  • Ability to speak and write in English

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