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Operation Procurement Specialist – Socar – STP

Operation Procurement Specialist – Socar – STP

Reporting to: Chief Commercial Officer

Country: Baku, Azerbaijan

Business Need / Purpose of Role: 

  • Trading company back round
  • Research: To evaluate and compare products and services to determine which best meet the job needs
  • Cost analysis: Obtaining goods at the right cost
  • Negotiating contracts: Securing the best pricing, terms and delivery options for each product or service and settle the contract. Seek continuous reduction is costs and lead-time to maximize profitability
  • Support Operations for planning and scheduling of projects

Key Responsibilities and Specific Accountabilities: 

  • Identify suppliers of goods and services
  • Negotiate terms with suppliers such as price, quality of goods, deadlines, expectations, etc
  • Monitoring supplier performance and resolving issues and concerns
  • Providing support on delivery of ordered goods (such as finding transportation companies and getting cost of transportation)
  • Analyze invoices to ensure accuracy of goods delivered
  • Process approved requisitions into the appropriate purchase order types in accordance with the company policies
  • Responsible for ensuring tenders are submitted consistently ahead of the deadlines
  • Developing and maintaining a strong working relationship with Operations
  • Update Monthly KPI to CCO
  • Prepare reports and other statistic docs for management
  • Prepares daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports as required
  • Provide support in general procurement if required

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