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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Testing specialist – Azericard

Testing specialist – Azericard


  • Bachelor degree;
  • Intermediate knowledge of Linux environment;
  • Experience on jMeter or other testing automated software products;
  • Experience on TestRail or other test cases management software products;
  • Strong knowledge of scrting language (bash, Perl and so on);
  • Familiarity with processing environment;
  • Intermediate knowledge of SQL;
  • Basic knowledge of PLSQL;
  • Knowledge of mobile applications development processes as an advantage.


  • Testing of new releases of proprietary and in-house developed products;
  • Create and maintain test cases;
  • Ensure of Test facilities availability and keep them updated;
  • Support and maintain continues testing procedure and related facilities;
  • Deploy and maintain testing environment;
  • Test prepared database reports;
  • Support routine executions.

Please send your CV with subject “Testing specialist”.

E-mail: [email protected]

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