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Methodology on information resources and systems – GIZ Azerbaijan

To: All tender participants

From: GIZ Baku Office
Project number: 15.2192.1-004.00
Project name:  E-Governance Elements (EGE)
Country: Azerbaijan

Subject of tender: Preparing methodology for registration and assessment of information resources and Systems

Dear Tender Participant,

GIZ-Baku Office would like to announce a tender on preparing methodology for registration and assessment of information resources and Systems.

Should you be interested in implementing the tasks according to the task description (Annex 1), we request you to submit us your bids latest by 11th of February 2019, 14:00 p.m.

Bids are to be submitted using the two-envelope procedure; i.e. bids must be submitted in two separate stamped / sealed envelopes in letter form to the following address: GIZ Office Baku, 75 Rasul Rza Street, Winter Park Plaza, 2nd floor, AZ 1014 Baku, Azerbaijan. The first envelope should include the technical bid, which has to include company profile with/or  the latest CV of the expert, contact details of reference persons/companies for previous similar projects and an implementation plan of the work. The second envelope should include the financial bid. Each envelope should be clearly marked (“financial offer/ subhect of tender”,  “technical offer/ subject of tender”).

Please note that there should not be any financial information mentioned in the technical bid.

You can email your further questions latest by 6th of February, 16:00 p.m. to Sabina Hajiyeva – [email protected] . Please, consider that for ensuring the equal circumstances for all parties the answers to your questions will be sent to all tender participants. The bids not complying with these rules will not be considered by us. Unfortunately, any questions submitted after 06.02.2019 will not be answered.

The bids received shall be evaluated by the GIZ Office Baku with regard to their technical content and to their price (Assessment Grid for the Technical Evaluation of Bids, Annex 2). The evaluation rate is 70% for technical and 30% for the financial bid.

Based on the evaluation results a ranking list of candidates will be prepared. Contractual negotiations are generally commenced with the first bidder on the list. Should these negotiations not be successful, the second bidder on the list shall be invited to commence negotiations.

If you do not receive an order in writing within two weeks of expiry of the deadline for submission of offers, your bid has not been accepted. You shall not receive separate notice to this effect.


Annex 1 ToR EGE_29 01 2019 Final.doc )
Annex 2 Technical Assessment Grid _E-Governance _190114_SH.pdf )

Best regards,

Sabina Hajiyeva

Contracting and Procurement Officer

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