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Contract commercial fulfillment manager – Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC

Contract commercial fulfillment manager – Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC

Contract commercial fulfillment manager

Job responsibilities:

• Attend Bidding, analyze qualification documents requirements and prepare required qualification documents, go through the whole tender book, raise commercial & legal related issues for customer’s clarification
• Attend Overall Proposal Review Meeting organized by BR (commercial responsible shall focus on explaining Commercial & Legal related proposal, and propose other functional related modifications to other functional responsible, modify Commercial & Legal related proposal according to the proposals made by other functional responsible
• Conduct Commercial & Legal functional review and find out whether the protective clauses have been put into the bidding documents to meet Transaction Quality Improvement Targets.
• Participate in contract negotiations, and propose optimization solutions for some commercial clauses.
• Commercial & Legal Functional Review, organize the contract review and decision process, Finalize the contract by following contract decision conclusion, check compliance after contract signing and support the contract registration process.
• Participate in Contract Handshake Meeting, explain and handover to delivery team the key terms and conditions of the contract and any risks.
• Participate in the designing of Purchase Order receiving & manage solution, align customer’s payment process, manage the billing process.
• Identify the deviation of SOW, identify the change request/opportunity, and participate in the creation of change strategy & solution and clarification & negotiation of change.
• Supervise the execution & closure of decision which shall be closed in fulfilling phase
• Perform as a supervisor in accordance with the monitor risk process, mainly identify the penalty risk, change risk & billing risk
• Identify & resolve the remaining issues of contract closure, Improve the contract fulfillment & project delivery process

Ability to be achieved after 6 months of employment:

• Have a general understanding of the telecom industry and know general product knowledge
• Commerce: Know basic international trade knowledge, including quotation, trade term, order, payment method, customs clearance, transportation, insurance, settlement, and foreign exchange.
• Finance: Know financing, credit, foreign exchange, collection, letter of guarantee, tax, insurance, and inflation. Know the basic finance knowledge such as international finance, accounting, financing, tax, and credit. Know the basic knowledge of project estimation.
• Have knowledge about the risk identification and risk mitigation mechanism of the company.
• Understand and be familiar with processes and knowledge of PO /registration /change /closure /billing, and practical skills.
• Know the delivery and acceptance processes and characteristics of Huawei’s
• Understand the key clauses in Mature Business Scenarios and apply them to daily work.
• Be responsible for the operation of mature contract fulfillment business, identify and resolve business issues during the operation to ensure contractual delivery.
• Quickly locate and resolve daily business issues to improve transaction processing quality and efficiency.
• Know the situation of accounts transaction solution in domains like PO/billing, deployment plan and measurement solution to complete accounts transaction flow measurement and keep the measurement result the same as that of the field offices.
• Be familiar with the LTC, PMP processes, KCPs, and key actions and be able to carry out business in accordance with the process regulations.

Job requirement:

– Bachelor or above
– Language: English should be fluently in writing & speaking, the more languages are preferred.
– Excellent team work with good communications skills.

The following conditions are preferred:

– Contract draft, analysis or negotiation experience
– Telecommunication product knowledge background
– Knowledge of contract law
– Knowledge of Chinese
– Participate in or manage communication project delivery

Additional information:

Salary will be discussed during interview process;

Please indicate the name of the position “CCFM” in the subject line of the application e-mail and send to e-mail address [email protected].

Only candidates who noted vacancy name in the subject line will be considered.

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